Investment Asset Allocation graph lists phantom old mutual funds

When I run the Investment Asset Allocation report and display the graph for one account at a time, and I then click on one of the graph categories (Large Cap, for example) it displays a list of the securities in that category, their value, and percentage of the total.  But in addition to my actual securities, it lists mutual funds that I no longer own - some were sold many years ago.  This is true for nearly every category, and in all of my accounts.  It lists a value of $.01 or $.02 for each.
Is this a fluke or is it something that I can correct?  These fractional shares do not show anywhere else that I can see. Note - it doesn't matter what date range I select for the graph - it gives me the current plus the phantom fractional shares.


  • Bob_L
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    Try finding the sell transactions that should have eliminated the holdings, and edit those transaction to “sell all sharesl instead of the number you had entered.  Thee are sometimes rounding issues that this will clear up.
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  • Good suggestion but it did not work.  I changed 3 sold transactions for funds that appeared in the small cap portion of the graph (Sells were from 1999 and 2000) to "sell all shares", restarted Quicken and re-ran the report but the three funds with phantom shares were still there.
    PS - this is on QD18 with latest R18.15 update

  • Sorry - I can't really say phantom shares because I cannot see any shares anywhere - it's just phantom cents which would be a very small part of a share.
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    Only other suggestion is to validate your file.  File, File operations,validate and repair, validate.  Also select rebuild investing lots.
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  • Tried super validate with rebuild investing lots.  Found no errors.  No change in graph contents.  Very weird!
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    From C. D. Bales:

    I believe you are seeing a long standing Quicken bug, or a variation of it (and I agree with BobL that it may be related to rounding, but I think that unrealized gain computations also play a part). 

    I typically see the bug when I display something like the Net Worth report, with some interval other than "None", with the Customize option "Account detail" selected.

    When I create such a report, I see those very small values (nearly always between -$.06 and +$.06) for some securities I no longer own; usually starting in the period when all shares of the security were sold (or removed) and continuing through the most current period in the report.

    When I customize the report NOT to include unrealized gains, the small values disappear from the report. And if I use an interval of "None", the small values do not appear in the report (regardless of whether I display unrealized gains).

    I believe the problem has been around for a decade or more; I still see it in Q2019.

    Given the tiny $amount of the errors, I have never worried much about the problem.

    [I don't recall ever having seen any of those small erroneous values in an Investment Asset Allocation report/graph. As far as I can tell, all the securities that appear in my Asset Allocation graph/report are securities that I still own.]

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