Set up account to only track $ value of portfolio

I have 3 financial accounts for which I would like to track ONLY the $ value of the account on a quarterly basis.  I have no need to consider any incremental deposits or tax implications over time, and no downloads into the account will be necessary. My intention is to enter a new value for the portfolio at the end of each quarter as simply as possible - I am just looking to track the $ value of the portfolio. I was hoping someone might have a suggestion on the best and easiest way to set up and track an account for this

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  • John_in_NC
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    Easiest? Set up a new Asset account. Create (command+n) a new transaction with category "Adjustment", and the present value as the amount. Edit each quarter with the new amount, or you can create a new transaction adding in (or subtracting) the change in market value if you want to show any history.

    You can also do this in an investment account so it shows up under investments, but that adds a little to the complexity. (You would have to indicate it is a manual account, and use a Payment investment transaction. )

    I know a few people who do this who simply want to see the current value and not be bothered with price updates, downloading transactions, etc.
  • m_lafortezza
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    thanks john - i just tried to set it up under investments but what do you mean by indicating it as a MANUAL account - I didn't see that option...and also, what is a payment investment transaction that you referenced? 
  • m_lafortezza
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    Thanks - worked well!
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