Copying invoice items from old to new invoice

I am using use Quicken Home & Business 2019. This question has been asked before about copying an old invoice to a new invoice and the resulting problem with the date, due date, and invoice number not correcting to the current time. If you just try to save the copied transaction you get an error that asks if you are sure you want to change a paid invoice.  Is there any way to update the dates & invoice number to reflect the current time without the cumbersome manual corrections to the copied information? 


  • MarcR
    MarcR Member ✭✭✭
    I have not found another way.  I usually weigh the amount of invoice transactions that I will be using in the copied invoice vs. the three line corrections for invoice number and dates.  If it's light, then I just do a new invoice as per usual. If it's heavy, then copy is the way to go despite the manual entries. It's been bugging me for years as well.
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