Quicken downloads transaction but doesn't reflect additional shares from dividend reinvestment

I am using the most current subscription version of Quicken for Mac 2019.

I have a retirement account with 5 mutual funds in it. All 5 funds reinvested their February dividends on Feb. 28th, 2019. In Quicken, two of the mutual funds don't show the correct current number of shares in the portfolio and three of them do. Quicken shows the reinvestment transactions for all 5 mutual funds; however two of the funds don't reflect the shares obtained from the Feb. 28th reinvenstment in the portfolio, making the share balance for those two funds incorrect. 

Can anyone suggest how I get Quicken to recognize its own transactions to get the correct share balance in these two funds?

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  • SerranoEDH
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    RickO, my apology for not getting back to you sooner. I was traveling.
    The placeholder was, indeed, the problem in both mutual funds. In each fund, one placeholder transaction appeared correctly but didn't add shares to the total in the portfolio. The link to the FAQ was a little hard to follow, but eventually, it solved my issue.

    Many thanks for your prompt and accurate reply to my question and for helping me reconcile my accounts. You are certainly a superUser.
    Kind regards, SerranoEDH
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