Enable use of + and - key to change date in account register

When reconciling my monthly brokerage accounts with Quicken for windows, it may be necessary to change the transaction date that has been downloaded to Quicken. When the settlement date of a transaction occurs after the brokerage statement cutoff date, I must change the DATE in Quicken to the settlement date in order to reconcile the Quicken balances to the Month End brokerage statement balances.

Currently, I click the date of the transaction (see attached) followed by numerous additional clicks of the mouse to get to the settlement date I want to enter.  It would be much simpler and faster to have the ability to increase or decrease the date by one day with each + or - key press once the date has has clicked.

Please consider adding this enhancement.  Thank you.

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    MICHAEL GREENE Member ✭✭
    Worked perfectly! Thanks for the suggestion - I just needed to add the yyyy/mm/dd date format to the Windows pick list Date Format setting.
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    Actually that is something that you need to do every time you Reconcile, instead of finding the source of the error.

    The next time you Reconcile, it will be off as well, because you are Reconciling a transaction this month instead of next month.

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    MICHAEL GREENE Member ✭✭
    I've accepted that I need to make the date adjustments for unsettled trades each month to successfully reconcile Quicken to some brokerage statements. The source of the "error" is the unique way each brokerage prepares their monthly statement.  Apparently, there are not any industry standards.  I've brought the issue to the attention of the brokerage where the problem exist, but they have not chosen to change the way they produce month end statement. Year end statements are even more convoluted.

    The date format change offered up by mshiggins resulted in cutting the time required for me to make needed date changes by two thirds.
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