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How to remove 'extra' data file from mobile...

After years of running Quicken on desktop, I've moved into modernity and set up Quicken Mobile on my iPhone.  It all works quite well, and I have no problems linking my desktop file to Quicken Mobile, syncing transactions between the two.

Somewhere along the line, though, Quicken thought I had synced two different files, and Mobile offers me a choice every time I open the app. When I enter Quicken Mobile, it asks me which file I'd like to use.  The first option is my live, intended file.  The second appears to be an obsolete file; it has recognizable data, but it is not up-to-date and went through a conversion process when I first opened it. (I escaped out of that process while it was going on.)

I would like to delete or remove from Mobile the second, obsolete file. That way, Mobile won't ask me which file I'd like to use each and every time I open Mobile.

How to accomplish this?

While I'm here, could someone clear this up for me: Now that I'm using Mobile, where does my full data file reside, still on my desktop?  Or, is the *entire* file uploaded to the cloud? I'm thinking that transactions are transmitted and synced between the two platforms, but that the main data file is kept locally on the desktop, and not in the Cloud, but that's just my guess.

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