How do I select multiple transactions in my register to change their status in order to reverse last

I'm a long time Qu user and transferred from Qu 2016 this summer.  Somehow I fowled up my reconciliation and have not been able to correct.  I understand from the help staff that I must manually select the transactions and change from R to c, which they helped me do one 1 month's statement.  That did not fix my problem, so I need to go back another month.

PROBLEM:::  I could not for the life of me remember how they told me to select the range of checks and transactions.  I tried every combo I could think of, but could not make it work.  I called them again and after waiting for 20 minutes and sharing my computer with a rep, we got cut off and I didn't have it in me to call again.  :smile:

I hope you can help.

Lyric Brogden

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