See investment income/dividends

How may I view monthly/quarterly dividends in the portfolio view or even in a report? 

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  • James Tonn
    James Tonn Member ✭✭
    Just to clarify, I realize that I can open each individual dividend payment to see the actual $ amount. I'm looking for a column or report that gives me the summary/total dividend.
  • Ps56k2
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    OOPS - Sorry - just saw this was a MAC entry....
    Not sure if the Mac has the same as Windows --
    Reports --> Investment --> Investment Income
    Does that give you what you are looking for ?
    You can adjust the Sub-Total grouping -
    BUT WARNING - the info is displayed out on the horizontal - use slider at the bottom

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  • James Tonn
    James Tonn Member ✭✭
    Thanks ps56k, but no, the Mac version does not have a report category for Investment as yet. Maybe some day?
  • jlgg
    jlgg Member ✭✭✭

    Another possible way
         1. Select "All Transactions" in sidebar
         2. Select the date range you want 
         3. Select the account or group of accounts you wish to include
         4. Select the "Income" tab
         5. Click on "Dividend Income"

    This should give you a report, sortable by date, security, etc. and printable

  • James Tonn
    James Tonn Member ✭✭
    jlgg, That works to a degree. Most of my investments are set to reinvest dividends, and the view you suggest does not show the amount of the reinvested dividend. 
  • lhossus
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    James: you can of course change jlgg's last step to "Click on Reinvest Dividend". But to get all dividends, you have to perform both Clicks.

    The report solution gives you all investment income in one go, besides being saveable as a named custom report so the effort becomes one pick from the Reports menu.
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  • lhossus
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    I find it annoying that Quicken (either solution) requires one to deal with Dividend Income and Reinvest Dividend separately as two different categories. For tax purposes, they are all Dividend Income on Schedule B.

    I tried to go into Window > Categories and add a group Dividends. My plan was to make sub-categories of the existing categories Dividend Income and Reinvest Dividend - assuming Quicken would then roll-up the sub-totals to Dividends . But Quicken politely but firmly informed me The "investments" category is used internally by Quicken and cannot be modified.
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