I have a qdfm file that I need to load to Quicken for Mac, it was backed up in 2014.

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What version of Quicken for Mac do I need to install to be able to use this data file?


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    D. Not enough information

    .qdfm was the (optional) extension used on Quicken versions from 2001-2007. It could be any of those formats.

    Most likely it is 2005 or newer, but that is only a guess. (And I believe you will only see "Quicken Data File" if you do a Get Info on the file. It would really help if you could get information from the person who last used it. But, I know that might not be possible.

    The newer versions of Quicken (2015-2019) will all import 2007 (with possible import of '05-'07) But, that would be a gamble if you wish to go that route.
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