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Categorizing a Transfer

I looked for this answer but each of the situations seemed a bit different.

I own my own business. Each month I transfer funds from my biz checking to my personal checking. That serves as my "paycheck." In Quicken it shows up as two transactions. One transfer from biz checking and one transfer into personal checking.

I have this same paycheck amount set up in my budget under income. But each month, it doesn't show up in my budget report b/c they are all transfers. 

Any solution? Hope that makes sense. Thx!

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  • bayoyong
    bayoyong Member ✭✭
    Thx, Gary! Yeah, I didn't realize there was an actual transfer column you could add to the register. Spent a while last night fixing all those entries and then adding a category to them when appropriate. Thx so much for answering.
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