Cash In & Out for Investments Import with CSV2QIF with ProperSoft

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Hello!  Has anyone using the ProperSoft CSV2QIF import tool for investments been able to make Xin & XOut transactions appear correctly in the action identifier?

Seems like I am missing an input - have Date, Trade Action (XIn), Amount, and Category ([Transfer account]).

Testing when exporting a XIn transaction from Quicken to QIF, QIF to CSV, CSV back to QIF the action identifier drops off during the CSV to QIF conversion.  Any help would be appreciated!


  • Old post but I had the same issue this week and no online help anywhere with this. Took a bit of head scratching but finally resolved it. The key is the import QIF file generated by any version of CSV2QIF has to provide the same data as if you were doing a manual entry within Quicken using the add transaction drop downs and the column headers have to match up.

    So for all cash type transactions (those that do not have a quantity, price, security name etc.), the required columns in the CSV file being converted are Action (like XIn or XOut), Date, Total, and Transfer Account. I suspect the OP's issue above was using the "Category" column label instead of "Transfer Account". Note that the transfer account needs to be in the format of "[AccountName]" just as it is inside Quicken. Unfortunately the help documentation for either commercial version of CSV2QIF does not cover this properly.