Using Quicken in the US and UK - downloading from Amex UK

Hi - we recently moved to the UK and I use Quicken Deluxe 2019 for Mac.  It's interesting that I can download directly into Quicken from my UK Bank (HSBC) although HSBC doesn't know you can do that.  However, I'm struggling with Amex UK.  Of course, I can download directly into Quicken from Amex US, but if I put in my UK credential, they're invalid.  I do not that the UK credentials are recognized when I select Amex HK and it shows the number of transactions to be imported in the account activity screen but an error occurs.  I can download a QFX file from Amex UK and import it successfully into Quicken however, it will duplicate previously downloaded transactions and I have to delete the duplicates.

Anyone having success with Amex UK?

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