Budeting monthly savings on Mac 2019

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How do I budget for a monthly savings deposit (like paying myself each month) moving from my checking to my savings.  It doesn't show on budget report. My transaction category is my Savings account...  What am I missing?  Thanks

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  • John_in_NC
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    At this time, you cannot do this.

    Transfers are not included in the budget because no spending/income is occurring. That is why the budget module is not seeing them. 

    Being able to see transfers in the budget is supposedly on the developer's roadmap.
  • jlimato@
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    Any suggested work arounds?
  • jlimato@
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    Thanks for your reply, BTW.

    Do you think a reasonable work around can be just recording transfers as payments with "budget-able” categories, rather than using the account in the category?  eg. $200 monthly payment to Savings.  Savings will be a category rather than [SavingsAcct].  It would require double entry of the transaction, though, for both Checking and Savings — unless when I sync my savings with my bank, it will already contain my transfer. (I will have to make sure the category for that transfer is Transfer[SavingsAcct] so not think it's income..  Thoughts?  Thanks again.
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