Savings budgeted, posted not being applied in budget report

HI All - I have a savings amount of $200 that goes to Fidelity on a monthly basis.  It shows that the money is sent to Fidelity - I have it in my budget but when I review the month end it does not show that it has been paid.  Is this because of how I have the amount sent to Fidelity from my bank?  The ODD thing is that when I set things up - it showed that amount being paid in older months - but not since I started using this tool in Jan - the transactions look the same - I'm just not understanding why it doesn't look as if it was paid.  Thanks 


  • Kathy P Kickert
    Kathy P Kickert Member ✭✭
    Thanks - that makes sense - I have it set up as an automatic withdrawal each month.  Since it isn't a transfer between my checking and savings I would have thought it would show up more like a payment.  I try to follow Dave Ramesey's "every dollar accounted for" practice - I need to show those are accounted for - just not sure the best way to do it other than remove them from my budget all together.  Appreciatee your response!
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