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[rant redacted]
I cannot reconcile my credit card account against my statements.  Quicken seems to be automatically reconciling when I import transactions from the website. There were crazy adjustments added for crazy amounts. I keep ending up with weird discrepancies when there are none.  

Each month just gets crazier even though I've manually checked my register against my Visa statement. [rant redacted]


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    Start troubleshooting by looking at the Opening Balance transaction.
    If it's greyed out (a Placeholder), replace it with a new transaction that has the correct balance for that day. That changes it to a transaction which Quicken will not mess around with.
    Also get rid of any Balance Adjustment transactions.

    Make sure that the "Opening Balance" transaction in your register
    - always is the oldest transaction by Date
    - its amount matches the bank statement balance shown on that day
    - the transaction is marked "R"(reconciled) in the "Clr" column
    - occurs only once in your register
    - if you owe money in a credit card account, the Opening Balance transaction as shown in the register must be a negative amount, e.g., $-123.45

    If the Opening Balance isn't correct, your register balance on any given day will never match the bank's balance on the same date.

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