Merging files or moving accounts (Q Mac)

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I'm working with two files (have been with quicken for many years) These accounts should all be in one file. I've tried options in export and import without success. I'm assuming the qmtf format is for windows only? The export is perfect in that format because it allows selection of a date range for each individual account. However, my Mac subscription version will not import it.
Quicken will not import csv. Is there any way to get two years of transaction from a quicken account into a new account in a different quicken file?


  • edmontoncanuck
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    I now know that I could have easily merged the two files at the stage where they were both in 2007 format. Now that I have put a tremendous amount of work into the new version/new files much will be lost to abandon all the new work and keep one in the new format and import the second file in it's old 2007 format. Heavy sigh! No alternative has been suggested.
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    QMac will export and import QXF files.
    Export FileA as QXF and then import the QXF file into FileB.
    This may work for your situation.
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    Yes, just learned that on a chat to tech support... thank you! saved the day!
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    To anybody who might consider doing the above ...
    • Before you start the Import process, do be sure to have or create a backup of your Quicken data file!
      If things go sideways during the Import process or you do not like the results, restoring from your backup will be the only way out of this hole.
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