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Best Practices for Rental Property Management

BRETTB Member ✭✭✭✭
Ok I have the home, business, rental version of quicken (latest version) and have some questions.

1. We have a number of business entities with properties, bank accounts, etc,.

      1.  I am using an Abbreviation of the entity where any accounts that belong to entity use two or three chars for entities accounts (bank, credit card, etc) - XX-Xmart Business.    
 So for a BofA account for that Enity I might use XX-BofA x5675   for a description.   

I'm using tags for entities like XX-Xmart Business   

Note:  XX-Smart may have a number of properties where I would use XX-125 main st, XX-7350 south st, etc.   I would want to keep track of each individual asset along with a combine group for entity in whole for reporting.  Yes I know I can do this for customized reporting   BUT

I would like to use the business tab (for invoicing/property management) and include all tags that contain or start with XX or select like I do with reporting function.  Is this possible?  or only available under the Reporting Options.

Right now looks like the best way if I am to use the Business Tab is I would have to use categories with sub categories for each property.

Also is there a way to print out the recurring entries for a single bank account or entity?

I know I have a very complicated situation but like quicken because I can see all the bank/credit cards and pending bills for each entity on one screen.

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    BRETTB Member ✭✭✭✭
    I looked this over your links and getting a little more clearer.   

    Some of the Tabs/reports and graphs just don't seem right.

    So I have multiple partnerships for ex BusPart1, BusPart2, etc. which are businesses (I do a K1 on those-each has its own tag say BusPart1, BusPart2) and each of those partnerships may have multiple properties (say BusPart1Prop1, BusPart1Prop2, BusPart2,Prop1, etc) where I want to track expenses and income by property and be able to look at the each partnership separately and combined.

    The info/graphs/etc on the Rental property Tab seems correct for each property.

    ISSUE:  On the Business Tab - I want to see all those property for a certain partnership (BusPart1) combine all the properties for that business on the different graphs, reports, etc.   Yes I can do this with the customized reports but Like to see the information on the Business show correctly.  It seems I can setup multiple properties under one Partnership Entity?  

  • Quicken Sarah
    Quicken Sarah Alumni ✭✭✭✭
    Hello @BRETTB

    I'm glad to hear the referenced information helped a little and apologize for the delay in response.

    If I'm understanding the goal of what you wish to accomplish correctly, unfortunately the Business tab cannot be customized in a way to combine the Rental Property info under their respective Individual businesses, I apologize.

    This information would have to be created and viewed as a customized report.  Once the report is created I would recommend saving the report.  That way each time you wish to view this information, you do not have to re-customize the report.

    I hope this helps to answer your question but please let us know if there are any further questions/concerns.

    Thank you,

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