Is there a way to print an Income/Expense comparison report without sub-categories?

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Income expense comparison report is a great report but when I print it I get all the sub-category data for each high level category even though my screen only shows high level categories.  Can the report be customized to only print high level categories?

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  • Richard@
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    RickO  Thanks - you have confirmed what I thought.  I'll give the export a try.
  • RickO
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    Here's a hint for a little more sophistication on the export manipulation (in case you're not a spreadsheet whiz)....

    Before you do anything to the spreadsheet, add a column at the right simply numbered from 1 through how ever many lines there are. Excel/Numbers makes this easy. Then after you sort by the category column and delete all the lines starting with "-", you can use that number column to sort the report back to its original order.
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