Confused why projected expense budget is shown instead of actual in "Budget"

I use Quicken Deluxe version 5.11.0 and have created a budget. The intent is to track actuals vs. budgeted.

However, why is it that instead of actuals, a "phantom" number which seems to be Quicken's projected number is displayed?

Is there a way to display the actuals? I've attached 2 pictures where you can see that the default display in picture 1 is the "phantom" Quicken projected number $1,305.- which should be actuals $705.-

I like to see the actuals at a glance vs. opening each cell.

I was hopeful to see the budget feature, but felt disappointed in the way it was implemented. Hopefully I was mistaken.

Thanks, Caesar.

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  • Caesar Samsi
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  • Caesar Samsi
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    Hi John I believe you're misreading the cells. $705 is the actual expenditure for the whole month. $1,305 is the phantom number. $1,230 is budgeted.

    The budget displays $1,305, the phantom number. Neither actual nor budgeted.

    The main sheet actually displays actuals as of this moment if the refresh button has just been pressed recently.

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