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Please stop the automatic creation of categories.  It's beyond belief that there is no control to prevent automatic creation of categories like Quicken for Windows.

I have seen other posts about merging categories when something is created by accident on the fly. However, that is not the right solution.  Please increase the amount of preferences available to Mac users. 

Quicken for Windows was the perfect blue-print and it was ignored when you built Quicken for Mac. Please add this vital control so categories are not created by accident which throws off budgets and reports.  I should not have to periodically review for new categories to add to budgets and reports.....I already have what I need created.
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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    How and where are you seeing categories get automatically created in Quicken Mac? Quicken Mac has a large set of default categories which are there from the moment you create your file, but I wasn't aware of new categories appearing over time. Could you give examples of the categories, and what actions produced these new categories?
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  • RA2
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    If you are entering a transaction and type a category and it doesn’t exist, it will get automatically created when you save the transaction.  There should be a control to give Mac users the option to allow or not allow this function like Windows. 

    If you are using Quicken for Mac to closely track a budget, you will occasionally be surprised to find transaction in a new category. It could be 1+ months before you identify this unless you are remembering to check categories a couple times per month like I have been doing since using Mac version. 

  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @RA2 Ah, I understand your comment now. When you're entering a transaction and you type in the Category field, if you've typed a category that doesn't exist, the drop-down menu shows that you can create it as a new category...

    It only creates the new category if you accept the default to Create new category, but it's easy to tab to the next field and accept it. So what you're describing is basically user error, but one that is too easy to make. And you're asking for is either a warning to ask you to confirm that you really want to create the new category, and/or the ability to lock categories such that new ones cannot be created in data entry, only from the Categories window. Sounds like a good idea to me!

    This falls into a class of actions that users have asked the program to safeguard against with warnings or optional warnings, such as deleting a transaction without realizing it. So far, the developers haven't implemented a bunch of optional warnings or locks, but it's not clear whether they are opposed to the ideas or are just concentrating on bigger issues than these types of small user interface refinements. Unfortunately, the list of enhancement requests from customers number in the hundreds, so some of them are going to take a long time before they are acted on.
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  • Festus500
    Festus500 Member
    @RA2 Amen. I concur 100%

    @jacobs - a legit accounting software should have access / change controls to make sure you can easily audit the system. If you build in controls up front it saves dozens of hours of Ad Hoc review and repair. Sure the batch change mode works for some transactions but is useless when you have split transactions. Suggest a configuration control board with user reps - then to get changes made we could crowd fund the ones users most want
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @Festus500  Quicken (the company) seems open to accepting user feedback in a variety of ways, including: reports from their Customer Support teams who deal with many thousands of customers and can report problem/pain areas, Idea threads on this site which receive significant support from fellow users, and feedback from users engaged in their beta testing program. But they don't have an easy way for customers to directly submit enhancement ideas, and don't offer anything like a user group webinar where users could make suggestions to their product teams. They conduct surveys periodically where users can rank some priorities, but they are not frequent and often don't allow freeform input, and are sometimes more marketing-focused on things they have already decided to do than idea-focused on things they might consider doing.

    So the good news is they do listen to their customers; the bad news is they don't listen enough, or make it easy enough for customer input to positively effect their efforts.

    As a quick example of the former: the comment from @RA2 and my reply above were from April 2019, and since then, they have added a warning dialog box on the deletion of a transaction, which hadn't existed previously. They clearly listened to user requests and/or tracked Support Calls where users had inadvertently deleted transactions without realizing it. So, although it might have been a long time in coming, it was a positive step forward.

    On the other hand, even when ideas requested on this forum end up being implemented, it becomes clear from their implementation -- and often the iterations over subsequent releases -- that the development team often hasn't fully read the comments and suggestions before building the feature, and therefore doesn't fully understand what users are asking for until after they've released a feature and complaints drive them to tweak it. 
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