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  • LadyEileen

    I am not sure if this is the place to post this or not, however, I'll start here. I am looking to find someone to teach me Quicken (Mac Subscription) investments below 101 ;-) I have used and loved Quicken since the early 1990's, love money management, have been a technology security specialist for a career for decades, am exhausted with teaching myself everything, know nothing about investments and want to learn = looking for a mentor / teacher for Quicken for Mac investments and anything / everything investments starting with basics and ground level. I have specifically opened an Acorns account with which to learn. Would you be interested in mentoring / teaching or know where I can start? Thank you!

    April 19
  • Colesdad

    I am using the latest Mac subscription but cannot open older 2007 files, Ive tried everything. Do you know anyone who can open them for me and export them so I can use them in my latest quicken and Mac software?

    March 29