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I have Quicken 2016 for the Mac and have used it for three years.  I recently got a notice that I had to purchase Quicken 2019 to continue using Quicken and downloading the info from my bank so I purchased the new one and now can't figure out how to transfer my old files into the new version.
The problem is that I have four checking accounts for separate sources/aspects of my income and expenses, so originally created four different Quicken usernames and passwords to access and download the different checking accounts.
I purchased the new Quicken download using one of my four username/passwords but need to be able to use the new Quicken for each of my four accounts and it only allows me to use the one account whose username/password I used for the download.  Is there a solution or work around?
I'm guessing I should have set up my original Quicken differently so that each bank account was a separate part of a single Quicken account but I couldn't figure out how to do that (still don't know how to do that) and don't know if I can correct it now.

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  • RickO
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    It sounds like you may have created four separate Quicken FILES for your four accounts. To confirm this is the case, please tell me how you switch between accounts? Do you use menu File > Open Recent? The answer will determine how to proceed next.
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  • Ravenstar2
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    Thank you so much for your quick reply!  
    I think that's the problem (and frankly I didn't even understand the terminology, so thank you for the word "files"--I realized "accounts" would be the wrong word but didn't know what the right one was).  Yes, to work on my personal checking account, for example, I close everything, then pick the personal checking account out of the open recent menu, then type in the username/password I have for personal checking.  When I'm ready to do the checking account for work income, then I close the personal account (file?), go to open recent, and select the work account, then use the username/password I use for that one to open it.  I have two more checking accounts for different projects and again, I close the one I've just worked on and then open the next to work on it.  It's cumbersome, but I wanted to keep each of the checking accounts bookkeeping separate and didn't know how to achieve that.
    Thanks again,

  • Ravenstar2
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    Thanks so much Rick,
    I finally got a chance to get back to it tonight and I now have all my files safely in the new 2019 Quicken, which looks very nice and I'm looking forward to working in it:-).  I really appreciate your help!
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