BUG in Qkn 2017 Premier (Reports|Tax|Sch D)

Sch D report dropdown box on dates only shows 2018,   won't allow me to see 2019 data in reports.  Several report options are same way. Plz correct error. 
Yes, other reports avail w/custom date options, but don't show infor I need.

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  • J_Mike
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    This is not a bug. Rather QWin, is following a long standing practice. The Sched A, B, etc. reports are available for the year of issue plus one year (and for some years prior to tear of issue). For your case, QWin2017 will display the TY2018 option but no later. One must upgrade to get the later years for these reports.

    The solution is to run QWins' Tax Schedule Report and Capital Gains Report. These two reports cover all available tax related info in your data file. These reports can be generated for any time period.
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  • Ray Wright
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    Your email said I could REPLY to your email to go to the community.
    I hit REPLY and my msg was REJECTED because my email address
    was denied by your server - so much for that idea....

    Your suggestions are not a solution to the problem I presented.

    The Cap Gains Report  does NOT show the CGLong mid-year distributions

    from Mutual Funds that I wanted included with the Long & Short term activity.

    So I would consider this a bug.


    The Tax Schedule Report is not relevant to our discussion -useless.

    Ray Wright

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