Bad error message when running validation? Says IBM split on 5/3/97 - it didn't -

Jim Hamren
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I recently ran the File Operations / Validate and Repair function. It is giving me an error message that is itself in error. It says I "might be missing" a split of IBM stock on 5/3/1997.  In fact there was no stock split on that date, it was on 5/28 and I am not missing it. Anyone else had this type of thing happen?  How does one get a message to the Quicken developers?


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    Hmmmmm - take a look at the Security pricing -
    did the pricing change by accident - or some other "transaction" around that date ?

  • Jim Hamren
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    Well, it looks like you may be on to something.  There is a price on 5/15/1997 that is approx half of the prices the day before or after. There is no problem closer to 5/3 which, incidentally was a Saturday. I'm afraid to change just the price because it was generated by a dividend reinvestment. I'm not sure I can even find the original transaction details.
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    Just so happens I have IBM Data in my file for May 97, even though I didn't actually own it then.  See below:

    The May 28 price (not shown) dropped in half to 90 consistent with the 5/28/97 2-for-1 stock split.  That graph is without adjustment for splits.  There shouldn't be anything unusual with the 5/15/97 price which I see at 173.875.  

    If your records show the 5/28/97 split, your 5/15/97 reinvestment should be treated as pre-split shares (1/2 as many at twice the price).  Changing the (closing) price on 5/15/97 will not impact the Div-reinvestment transaction on 5/15/97

    None of this explains the offer of a 5/3/97 split.
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