a covered option keeps coming back

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Sold a call and when it expired, in the register  enter a cover short. Shows 0 share balance and that is right. Next time update it comes back -100 (sold short) . Have been going back to register and deleting the transaction but this Monday it came back 14 times and shows (-1400 shares). Kind of frustrating to delete 14 transactions and just change to investment screen to register or vice versa and it comes back showing I sold 100 shares short each time. Is there a work around from somebody that trade options? Win 10 and latest Quicken and broker is E-trade. Yesterday re-install quicken and it did not change . Then used the Quicken un-install tool and re-install and thought it was working, but today the problem is back. Had to of course used a back up to put data back in, so I guess if the bug or problem was backed up. Have data from 2010, so can't really start over (I hope)



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    I do a lot of options trading.  It sounds like your broker may be sending over the that transaction multiple times.  I have no experience w/ Etrade.  Maybe someone else monitoring the investing thread does.

    One way to tell would be to go through the OFXLog file to see what they are sending.
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    Thanks for taking time to answer K.O. I open the qfxlog but could not make out anything(my stupid). Then ran validate again and it seem like it went away. I started to respond to you and noticed the error on a different option (both options same strike date and sold both same day) same problem. One expired and one assigned, am wondering because I have to manually enter the covered short that Quicken does not recognize expired and assigned. It does recognize the short sale and the buy or sale of the underlying security. Right now register is right even after several updates--I think quicken just got tired of putting it back in. Will find out Friday or rather Saturday.

    Thank you for answering. 

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