How to update prices for Morgan Stanley unit trusts

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Morgan Stanley has a number of unit trusts that don't have ticker symbols. They have CUSIPs like 46140G264 (for Unit Invesco Emerging Markets Dividend 2017-4), though. Is it possible to get Quicken to automatically update prices for securities like this? 


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    I have a unit trust at MS and its price seems to download automatically. Mine is "UNIT AAM CORP DIAL HIGH INC 75" and it does seem to have a symbol, ACND75. Not a "ticker" symbol, but something. I haven't done anything extra to get it. I download all transactions from MS, never manually creating securities or transactions. MS seems to send everything automagically.
    Maybe try un-checking "Matched with online security" in the security details and letting it re-match the next time you download. Back up your data file first in case re-matching fails.

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    ... Is it possible to get Quicken to automatically update prices for securities like this? 
    Probably not, if you are meaning through the Update Quotes feature in Quicken.  That feature works solely with valid stock (and similar) tickers.  I take it these unit trusts lack that sort of ticker.  

    The price updates should come through downloading of transactions from Morgan Stanley.  Those types of price updates are on a single-date basis.  If you downloaded transactions today (a Sunday), you would only get prices as of the close of business on last Friday (at best).  
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    Thanks for both replies.

    Given that the Morgan Stanley statements show only the CUSIPs, I went hunting for ticker symbols, supposing that they must exist. For Unit Invesco Emerging Markets Dividend 2017-4, I visited the Invesco page for unit trusts, and found that there is a ticker symbol, and when I plug it into the Edit Security page in Quicken, Quicken finds the price as I had hoped.

    The same was true for the FT and Guggenheim unit trusts.

    Problem solved, I think.

    Thanks for your help!
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    This page (link at bottom) shows the ticker is IMMKDX, which I am able to add as a security in Quicken: Tools -> Security List -> Add Security -> enter symbol "IMMKDX" -> select result -> Next -> Done. In the Security List window, check the box to Download Quotes. That security will now update whenever you update quotes.
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