Problem with entering a corporate spinoff

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Novaris AG spun off Alcon AG in April.

When I go thru the process of entering the data for the spinoff, I get an error - Security name already in use - please enter a new name. In 2011 Novaris acquired Alcon, so the name went away along with the symbol.

I don't know if the error is referring to Novaris, which is entered in the first field - Security Name, or if it is referring to Alcon AG, which is in the New Company field. If the error is referring to Alcon because it is in my history (I owned it in 2011), I don't understand because Alcon AG should be seen as a new name.

How do I get this entered?


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    Left off one thing - Quicken Deluxe for Win 2017 v R17.2. I know I need to update to the current version.

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    How about renaming the old Alcon security to something like "Alcon (until 2011)" and removing the ticker symbol. That should allow you to create a new "Alcon" security and finish the spinoff.
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    Thanks. Good suggestion, but it didn't work. I got the same error. The new company Alcon AG has a new symbol different from the old company, but I deleted the old symbol anyway.