Entering new Call Option thru the Short Sale securities function receiving error for duplicate

I have for some time used the Short Sale function to enter Covered Call Options in the US markets.  For example I enter a security as Call C 02/15/19 57.50 and when I enter I have to go thru short cycle to add this security to the list of my investments.  This has worked well for me in the past.
I was updating my security purchases/sales for January 2019 and was receiving an error message stating that I had this security already.  I checked and I have many Call C options noted with differing dates but note no similar security.  Warning also says to go to listing in correct Investment account.  This account is my only US dollar account.
This error does not allow me to enter the transaction?

Has something changed?

Any assistance would be appreciated.  I am using Quicken Canada 2016 version with all updates received other than the new annual pay.


  • Michael Detje
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    Closed.  Error in prior entry not showing to spot easily went to overall Listing and noted error in describing security as Canadian dollar.....
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