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FAQ: Occasional Missing Transactions In Bank Downloads

Ha Mu
Ha Mu Member
This is often reported by users as a problem with Quicken, when in fact, it is a problem with the bank.

In my case, the problem surfaced when a bunch of transactions posted over a two day span did not get downloaded.

In working through the problem with Quicken Agent Tyka in a chat on 5/1/19, we discovered the bank was not providing the transactions, even when manually downloading either a QFX or CSV file directly from the bank web site.

The next day, I contacted the bank, explained the problem and got transferred to their technical support. The bank acknowledged they had a problem and were working on a fix. Even the bank was tracking it as a Quicken problem, so I tried to make it clear that the problem, though discovered by Quicken users, is really a bank problem, as evidenced by the missing transactions in the manually downloaded CSV file.

I recommend Mac and Windows users who observe occasional missing transactions, before blaming Quicken, do a manual download into a CSV file, open it with a text editor, and report any missing transactions to the bank.


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