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The Rental Property Tab is divided into four separate areas, each containing different information and/or views of your Rental Property transactions.  

Many Rental Property actions such as entering rent, expenses, adding tenants, or creating and viewing reports can be performed from this area.

Rent Center

 The Rent Center is an overview of all Rental Properties and Tenants that have been added to Quicken.  The Rent Center tracks the rent payment history, highlights late payments, lease expiration, and any vacant properties.

 The Rent Center can be filtered to show all properties or a single property within various set date ranges.  

Click on a Tenants name to enter payments, send a Rent Reminder or review the payment history.


 The Profit/Loss tab tracks income, expenses, and net profit or loss for each Rental Property in Quicken. 

 The Profit/Loss tab will default to displaying the current month view and cannot be filtered by a custom date range.  

Easily view and manage all Rental Property Scheduled Reminders, compare Expenses or compare Income vs. Expenses.


Cash Flow

 The Cash Flow tab is designed to help track and manage short-term spending for your Rental Properties by tracking cash inflows against outflows to help ensure there is enough funds to cover your monthly expenses.

 The Cash Flow view can be filtered by account but does default to displaying the current month date range.  This view does not include the ability to filter by custom date ranges.


Account Overview

 The Account Overview tab provides data about Rental Property accounts that have been created in Quicken.  Each account is displayed with its corresponding ending balance broken down between Spending and Savings accounts, Credit Card accounts and the following types of Rental Property & Debt accounts:





Loans (except lines of credit which track in Quicken as credit card account types)


Add Transactions, Properties & Tenants, Reports

Add Transactions – Action button that allows you to quickly enter Rent, Income, and Expense transactions or record tax-deductible vehicle mileage.

Properties & Tenants – View Property and Tenant Lists, add new properties/tenants, Create Rent Receipts or View Rent Receipts

Reports – Rental Property related reports – Cash Flow, Cash Flow Comparison, Schedule E Supplemental Income & Loss, Tax Schedule or view all reports

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