How to open Rent Reminder for Different Properties?

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  • Janis M
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    I just upgraded from Rental property 2016 to Home and Business 2019 and am having problems with the rent reminder.  I have 3 rental properties but when I click on the remind tab it opens to the same one property each time.  The only one it opens to is the one that has been paid; the other two have not. How can I set it up to work with each property?

  • Jason C3
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    I have your solution. In the Profit/Loss Tab (Where Rental Property Reminders is located) there is a Pull Down Tab in the upper left corner (Next to the Date and above the Graph). Change it from All Properties to the Property you want.

    Now you will see the Rental Property Reminders Sub Menu (Located on the bottom) changes to reflect that specific property. I Inserted a photo to assist in locating it.
  • Janis M
    Janis M Member ✭✭
    Thank you for your response. I found a solution that works for me. In the Rent Center I clicked on Properties & Tenants in the upper right, then clicked on tenant list, and chose Edit tenant. There I entered which account rent is collected in and clicked "yes" to create a reminder. I did that for each property. Now the feature works for each property correctly.
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