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I have a Security set as a US Stock "CVS" and Currency Canadian Dollars
I have 2 Investment Accounts One in Canadian Dollars and one in US Dollars
In the Investment Account set to Canadian Dollars I had linked the above Security "CVS" 
The Security would get updated with prices In US Dollars and at the end of each month when reconciling the account I would compare the exchange rate used in the Account statement and the published exchange rate to confirm that the Account statement was reasonable with their exchange rate. 

The problem that I now have is that the security "CVS" is now held under an Investment account in US Dollars but I cannot link the Security "CVS" as it does not comes up in the list of Securities available to select from.

Then I tried to create a NEW Security "CVS" with the Currency US Dollar but got the same message that the Security is already in use. 

Is there a way to link the Security to multiple currency Accounts?

It seems that when you look at the Portfolio under Investing It shows the currency of the Investment Account and below each account it shows the Currency of the Security and if you have multiple currency Investment accounts it rolls it up into Home Currency which in my case is Canadian. I would think that the process to roll up Securities within an account to that Investment Account currency would be a very similar process. 

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