How to sync Reminders with real transactions


I'm new to Quicken 2019 and am struggling to get my Reminders working. A few do work, but also some don't. It seems the ones i added myself, my Paycheck (via Paycheck Wizard) and Morgtage (from mortgage setup) don't seem to sync with the transaction in the register. Both simply say Overdue and don't recoginze the transaction.

For my paycheck, the name of the Reminder is the exact same as the Payee in the register. Is this necessary? I've also edited the Remidner to be the exact same dollar amount as the transaction. Is this necessary? No dice, though, it won't match up.

My mortgage has a name "Our Mortgage".  Does its name need to match the transaction payee? It also will not sync.

What are the rules to make this work?

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