Two files keep overwriting each other when synched to the cloud

Let me describe what I've done and then see if you can help me figure out how to fix it.

I have my main quicken file that I've used for a while and I tracked my daughter's account within my file.  She's recently gotten her own job and money and I'd rather not have her data intermixed with mine, so I want to separate her stuff out into her own file.   Here's what I've done, because I couldn't find a better way to break out just her stuff.

- made a copy of my file and gave it a new name
- removed all my information out of that new file
- I now have two distinct files - hers and mine and they are both creating files and backing up properly on my pc

Problem - when I sync to the web they overwrite each other.  I've tried changing the name of the cloud account, but that doesn't fix it - it changes the name and they both overwrite to the new name.

How do I create a NEW and SEPARATE cloud account for my new file?  Do I need to throw away my daughter's new file and just start over from scratch?  Can I somehow force it to sync separately?

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