Bill Reminders in my Registers look like ordinary transactions

I am running Quicken for Windows 2019.  I have set up several Bill Payment Reminders, and when they become due, they appear in my register.  The help information for reminders says that these entries in the register appear "in tan", however mine appear just like an ordinary transaction which I have already entered manually.  It is therefore very difficult to discern the difference between an ordinary manual transaction (completed) and a "due bill" reminder which has not yet been entered.  Anyone else seeing this?  Is there any way to get the difference in color of these entries to actually work?  Thx.

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  • Bob_L
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    If you have the reminder set to “auto enter” then it will appear as a regular transaction.  On the other hand, reminders not yet due can be set to show in the register via the clock icon at the top of the register.  They show as tan.

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  • johnh1e
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    Thanks Bob_L.  Appreciate the quick feedback.
    I'm pretty sure I don't have anything set to "auto-enter".  I can't even see that as an option anywhere.  The transaction in the register is showing the "due but not yet entered" reminder as a normal transaction (color-wise), but when I select it, it only displays the icon for bill-reminder options (expected) and of those options is to "enter the transaction".  So what I'm seeing is what expected - but still not in a different color.  Hope that makes sense!  :-) 
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    From C. D. Bales:
    If you elect to display the register "Status" column, you will see an icon in that column that will distinguish between displayed reminders and entered transactions. If you don't remember the meaning of an icon, you can widen the column or hover your cursor on the icon to determine its meaning.

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