Quicken "unfixing" my corrected download category errors. QM 2019 5.11.0

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I believe this is new or much worse since the last update: A downloaded transaction is incorrectly (sometimes bizarrely) categorized based on some part of the name. I will correct it and then the next time I download transactions QM will delete my correction and redownload it with the same error. It overwrites everything I enter including deleting my Memo/Notes. IMHO this is even worse than the well documented failure to remember categories on repeated downloads.

Are other's experiencing this? Is there anything to do but wait for a fix??

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  • RCinNJ
    RCinNJ Member ✭✭✭✭
    Ihossum thanks for your reply. I already do #'s 1 and 3. Manually entering every credit card transaction before I download on the chance it will be misinterpreted by Quicken is too much for me and counter to why I use a program like Quicken.

    As you suggest, I just unchecked "Automatically improve the quality of downloaded payee names and categories." I'll be interested to see what is gained (or lost) from doing this. Frankly, I've never been clear on what QM is supposed to do with "on", but who wouldn't want, in theory, to improve downloads?
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