Income and spending differences on different screens. Unable to reconcile.

Hello, everyone. I hope this question has not been asked before, but, I may have missed it. I am trying to reconcile different amounts in Quicken.

For example: On the Home screen, in January 2019, the Income vs. spending graph shows that my income was $6,653.65 and spending was $7159.91. This is a difference of $506.26. When I click on the Planning Tab and review the amount for January 2019, the result is a difference between spending and income of $382.99.

The first thing I did was to print a report for January 2019 from the Income vs. Spending Graph. I then verified that the results then matched, but the graph still shows the same difference.

Does anyone know where I can research to find out was causes this difference? Is it in the Investing Screen? There appears to be a mismatch in my Budget, but not sure where.

Thanks for your advice.

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