Help; I lost my qucken data file

I am on a mac using Quicken Premier 2019 (Version 5.11.0 (Build 511.25626.100). Up until last file when I successfully switched I was using Quicken 2015. When I recently opened Quicken 2019 I got a message that the data file didn't exist. I got online with support and was unsuccessful in finding a backup file so I panicked and uploaded a few year's worth of transactions from my bank and now have the daunting task of having to categorize everything (over 3000 transactions). In the mean time, I have found a Quicken file (2015) that was last modified in July 2018. Not so bad...... Can I make a new checking account with that data so I have some references to help me with coding without overriding what I've already coded?

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  • Garilynns
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    Hello RickO
    Thank you so much for your answer and guidance. I found bits and pieces of backups of quicken data and have been reconstructing the file. I have 5 separate accounts now all with different names. I'm hiding them until I'm confident I don't need them any more. I appreciate it.
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