When will you fix USAA syncing on Mobile and Web?

For years I've been using Quicken, pretty much since there *was* a Quicken.  Most recently I switched camps from Windows to Mac and the syncing/downloading is nearly unbearable.  That not withstanding, I can fix the mismatched payees with what I know I did, but there has been an error since at *least* December 2018 where y'all are still using antiquated OFX calls to USAA from the Web and Mobile apps.  It was promised this would be fixed "soon".  That was seven months ago.  How long is "soon"?  Or should I just cut bait and find a better money manager and ditch my subscription?


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    Hello keith.and.meliss. Appreciate your question.

    Have you tried resetting your cloud database in Mac:and then try syncing your data and see if the data downloads properly from USAA into the mobile app and web:  https://www.quicken.com/support/how-edit-or-delete-your-cloud-datasets-quicken-mac

    Please give this a try and let us know if this resolves your issue or if you are still experiencing issues.

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    Called USAA on this and they said it's a Quicken problem. My accounts are no longer downloading to my iOS app, though they're downloading on my Windows PC. The mobile app asks for my USAA credentials (member number and PIN) and nothing happens. This is getting ridiculous, and it isn't the first time. I've been a Quicken user since the 1990s, but I'm about to hang it up and go with another program.
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    Harold, thanks for responding. Yes, I deleted all cloud data from my Mac and established a new sync file. That fixed a glitch with my local credit union, but USAA sadly will still not sync. This does not appear to be a problem with USAA, but with the fact that Quicken on Mobile changed the methods they use to sync back in late 2018 and that broke USAA's sync. This is not USAA's problem, and I would really like this feature to be fixed. Between this problem and the other one I reported where the Mac version can't match up transactions to payees to save it's life, I too am thinking about seeking an alternative product when my subscriptions ends.
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    From C. D. Bales:

    You said, "The mobile app asks for my USAA credentials (member number and PIN) and nothing happens."

    I'm not a mobile user, but my understanding is that the mobile app uses Express Web Connect to connect to financial institutions. If that's true, then Quicken is asking for the wrong USAA credentials: to setup Express Web Connect with USAA you need to provide your USAA user-id and password (member-number/Pin are only for Direct Connect downloads).

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