Inserting (Another) Logo for Business Invoice (Windows 2017 Home/Bus.)

Hello Community,

I am having the hardest time figuring out how to find the screen in which to insert my company logo.  I've searched in help and on the community and I am not having any luck.  From my understanding, I go to Business --> Invoices; however, I am not even seeing the Business tab that is being referenced.  My headings are File. Edit. View. Tools. Reports. Help.

An alternate way I've found is by going through an existing form layout and clicking the arrows next to the company logo.  I have tried ever method of adding / clicking and this is not an option. 

Somehow I did it once before because I have my other business logo in there, but I can't even find where and how that was added.  Help!?


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    sooo simple, thank you.  This got me where I needed to be. 
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