Why did a reverse stock split entry cause all shares to disappear from Portfolio view?

I created a NEW transaction, a 1 for 3 reverse stock split. After hitting SAVE the stock disappeared from the Portfolio view. Whaaa????


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    In your brokerage account in Quicken:

    Switch from Portfolio view to Transaction view.

    Enable the following columns: Shares, Share Balance, Memo/Notes

    Clear Filters: the filters should be All Dates, Any Type, Any Status. Click on the Clear Filters button if present.

    Set the sort order to Date, by clicking on the header of the Date column.

    Using the search box (upper right), find all transactions for the stock. 

    Examine the following:

    1) Does the Share Balance reflect each transaction, going up with acquisitions, down with sales, changing according to each stock split, etc.?

    2) Is there a Placeholder transaction? Examine the content of the Memo/Notes field of each transaction. Or search for the word "placeholder".
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    macOS Sierra 10.12.6
  • SharafinskiSharafinski Member
    Thank you for this carefully detailed procedure. I greatly appreciate it.
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