Report on change in net worth over time?

The Quicken Net Worth report will show my net worth month by month - great! But would also be useful is a report on the month-over-month change in my net worth. By that I mean a chart that shows, for example, that in June I was worth $10K less than in May; in July I was worth $5K less than in June; in Aug I was worth $2K more than in July,; etc. etc.

I'm retired, and want to track how much I'm spending vs how much my investments are growing. I can sort of do that by building my own Excel chart from the net worth totals in the Quicken report, but I'd rather be able to just run a Quicken report that would give me all that. Any suggestions??



  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    The bar graph attached to the Net Worth report provides a visual indication of your ups and downs. I don't know of any report which provides the numeric deltas you would like to see.
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