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I just opened a new savings account. Yay me!

When setting up the account in Quicken I just allowed quicken to download the opening balance to complete the setup there and it looked great.

Then I created a transaction from my checking account and in the 'transfer' column, chose my savings account.

The transaction was deducted from the checking account total as I expected.

But in the savings account - while it was adding that actual transaction as it should, it changed my starting balance so that the total isn't correct.

Outline -
Lets say the starting balance of savings was $10
I made a linked transfer from checking to saving of $1
In savings now, the starting balance has been changed to $9
The linked transfer is showing in savings as a $1 deposit
Total in savings is now $10, but should be $11 after the deposit.

I tried to delete the new account and then created a new one. This time choosing not to link it to my bank for downloads. I entered starting balance manually and tried the entire procedure again with a linked transfer. Worked like a charm - UNTIL I chose to download transactions to reconcile. Then it went right back to changing my starting balance.


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    I guess something: When you create your savings account, choose a date before the date of your first transaction.
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