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  • Lynn Milicevic
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    I have the same exact problem; most of my accounts will not auto-balance. I have deleted all reconciliation adjustments and it only makes matters worse. I used Quicken for Windows for 30 years with nary a problem - partly as a Windows alone based product and then after purchasing my first Mac in 2006 and using a partitioned drive so I could continue to use the Windows product. The Mac reviews had been so bad I didn't even attempt to use the Mac product. Then when my old computer was no longer capable of updating the OS I was forced to use the Mac product. If my old Mac had been capable of updating the OS I would have continued to use a partitioned hard drive and I would gladly have paid the subscription fee for the Windows version of Quicken. I have repeatedly tried to use Quicken for Mac with nothing but problems with reconciliations (auto) over the last 5 -10 years. During those years I also tried many other software company's products but never achieved a comfort level I had with Quicken (Windows). Remedies taken: I stopped using Quicken for Mac and used Mint; I started over with Quicken for Mac with a new install and then at some point, Quicken for Mac became a subscription so I "rebelled" and decided I would never use Quicken again because the product was so flawed. I then reinstalled Quicken for Mac and started over again, deleting or archiving all data files and agreeing to the "new" subscription based service. Now after dealing with this for 10-15 years, I am finally at the point of considering partitioning my hard drive on my newest computer (5 years old) & going back to Quicken for Windows. Most likely I will lose my recent subscription renewal fee (yet another way for a money-making scam from the software developer/distributor and I will have to pay for a subscription for Quicken for Windows (even though I recently pd my recurring subscription for Mac.) All reviews I read about Quicken for Mac over the years have been negative yet I continued to try to make Quicken for Mac work. For the last 6 mo I have run Mint & Quicken simultaneously with Mint being dead-on accurate and Quicken showing a neg balance in my checking acct of well over $60,000 (other accounts have the same types of negative balances.) The only reason I do not stick with Mint is due to the reports issues (or lack thereof) and various other functions I used to have access to in the Windows version of Quicken. HELP!!! I do not think there is any cure for this.
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    I can't say what the Mac reconciliation issues may be, but if you converted the file from Windows, that could have contributed to your problems, as the conversion tools was not ideal.
    If I understand you correctly, you have a current subscription. If that is the case, some good news. You have access to either the Mac version OR the Windows version with your subscription (available form quicken.com/download. I would probably consider starting with a fresh data file and start from there while using the old data files for archive/reporting.
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