fidelity cash management accounts

i have a bundle of fidelity accounts and just added a CMA account. it's coming up as a brokerage account. should't it be a checking account? there are a lot of old threads so looking for how folks are handling now.

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  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    This isn't all that uncommon.

    To you, it appears as a checking account, but it really is a tie in with a brokerage account behind the scenes.

    You could certainly create this as a checking account and handle it manually if you prefer. But, if you want automated download, the easiest thing is to choose to show different columns in your register that will make it appear more like a checking account. (Show Check #, ability to write checks, Payee versus Type, Category, etc.) 

    You can make this work as a regular checking account.
  • therbert
    therbert Windows Beta Beta
    By tie in you mean you can send $to brokerage account. I get the nuance But you don’t have funds in this account so ... that’s why in my brain it should sit under bank accounts.

    I thought possibly it was because i used fidelity investment Mac to connect instead of one of the other accounts.

    Thanks for your take on it.
  • therbert
    therbert Windows Beta Beta
    thanks :)
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