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Hi - is there a way to export a Budget to excel in a way that doesn't include redundant category totals? For example, I have Auto and Transport budgeted with several sub-categories and I also included the top level category which gives me an "Everything Else" allocation spot. When I run the report and export to excel it gives me a line for the overall "Auto and Transport" total along with each of the subcategory totals. This obviously skews the numbers/sums. I'm hoping there's a way to be a bit more specific about the way the data is exported and organized. Thanks.

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  • chrisandmark330
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    Thanks for the suggestion, John.
  • johnthewonderful
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    Glad to be of help!
  • Snowman
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    The other way to do away with the Everything Else category is go to the planning tab, select Budgets and click on Manage Budget categories.  Do no select the "super" or main category only select the subcategories.  If you have nested main categories do not select them either, just the sub categories.  Hopefully that will give you the same result.  There should be no need for the everything else category anyway if the budgets are set up properly.
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