Dark Mode for Quicken for Windows (6 Merged Votes)



  • MHSwizzleStick
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    edited April 2021
    It's planned but no way to know when it will actually happen.
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  • HVj
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    Yet another +1 for dark mode theme. It's been over 8 months since any update from Quicken product management on this feature. Can we PLEASE GET AN UPDATED STATUS AND SCHEDULE for implementation?
  • HVj
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    BTW, this is also a medical vision issue for me. Quicken product management should be far more responsive to such accessibility issues. :/
  • oldngrmpy1
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    Lets keep our fingers crossed that they remember to give a quick way to revert back out of Dark Mode, so if we need to print something, then we can , quickly and easily.
  • MartyMart
    MartyMart Member
    YES, PLEASE!!!
    I second the motion to allow dark mode.
    I spend a lot of time using your program at all hours of the day.
    That bright background is the main negative that I have for this program.
  • tirrellj
    tirrellj Member
    Dark Mode: YES, YES, YES...
  • jaywbeardslee
    jaywbeardslee Member ✭✭
    Age is going up, sight is going down. Count me in for Dark Mode!
  • Ducky3280
    Ducky3280 Member
    I absolutely need this. I cannot pick up the small grey text on the white background. I need to double check all my numbers. Please prioritize this.
  • vidsie
    vidsie Member
    +1 dark mode
  • oldngrmpy1
    oldngrmpy1 Member ✭✭✭✭
    The sooner the better, my eyes are slowly getting worse!
  • witziii
    witziii Member
    I am visually impaired and dark mode would really help me.
  • Mike6210
    Mike6210 Member
    I'm teaching my wife how to use Quicken, and she insists on dark mode. The available options are too bright!
  • FlyerFran
    FlyerFran Windows Beta Beta
    Count me in.  Dark mode would be a welcomed change.
  • abb
    abb Member
    Dark mode is much better with cataracts
  • BDavenport
    BDavenport Member
    Dark Mode: Yes Please
  • Supermann
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    edited July 2021
    Don't be like the New York Times which still can't have dark mode. It doesn't make sense in 2021.
  • rameyer
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    > @kkkmm said:
    > I would like to start a petition to tell Quicken that many of us, now that we have been using and are used to dark mode in Win10, need Quicken to supply a dark mode option as well. Quicken is the only thing I have now which is so bright (even using "grey"--and I get a headache now when I use Quicken. For me this is soon going to be a deal breaker..If other agree that they want a dark mode option urgently--please join me in saying so. Thank you
  • rameyer
    rameyer Member ✭✭
    I also want a dark mode. In Windows 10 it is called contrast or reverse contrast where the bright white background and black letters are reversed. Other aps follow Windows "contrast" mode, why not Quicken. I hope Quicken fixes this, so I do not have to find another finance ap after 20 years with Quicken!
    Bob Meyer
  • JerryG
    JerryG Member ✭✭
    Im going blind with the brightness of the app. Please add a dark mode
  • I also request for Quicken to have a dark mode!
  • I have Macular Degeneration. I use enlarged fonts and screen area. I agree, please add dark mode to Quicken. I have been using this product since it first appeared on market. I am in my mid 70's now and this program is really giving me serious eye strain. Please help us!
  • Dark mode pleeaassee...
  • I would love a Quicken dark mode for Windows! Using Quicken in the evening is really hard on the eyes :-(. I'm using latest version of Windows 10 Pro on an HP Envy 360 Laptop.
  • yes. I too would like a dark mode version of Quicken.
  • DennisO
    DennisO Member
    What's taking so long? Throw the switch already. People have been asking for this feature for at least two years now. DARK MODE NOW!!!
  • I am astonished that there is no dark mode. I just bought Quicken, having never used the software before. The excuse that "quicken was built before dark mode was" falls flat for me. I've been using dark mode software since the mid 2000's. And its been in vogue for the last 4 - 5 years. Plenty of other (and far more complicated) software has made the transition.

    We are talking software that is supposed to be industry leading... and apparently changing getting a visual designer and changing some color values is something that takes 2+ years to complete.

    Honestly it makes me really nervous about using the software. If it really is that hard to change it, I'm worried the software is probably just spaghetti being held together by ducktape. Either way its not a good look. Does quicken not have enough money for designers and programmers? You could get a couple of interns from the local college to fix it in a semester and they'd get some college credit and work experience but somehow I don't think lack of funds is the issue.

    Couple that with HDR screens: white or even the grey color provided is painfully bright. While I'm not doing chemotherapy anymore, if I was it would have made it unbearable because I got really light sensitive.
  • naam
    naam Member
    +1 on this. Doubtful it'll have any impact though.
  • TTSguy
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    I agree 100%. But in the meantime do this (it'll help a little), Go to preferences > Register Appearance > (uncheck) Grey Reconciled Transactions. This will give more contrast and make Reconciled transactions darker and easier to read. Also try different Fonts. I know, it doesn't fix the problems, but it can help a little. My suggestion will also allow you to turn brightness down a little because contrast is increased. Hope this can help those with visual disabilities!  (includes me)
  • TTSguy
    TTSguy Member ✭✭✭✭
    Above I mentioned font options. I found that using "Segoe UI Semibold" font in size 10 to be the easiest to read if your vision impaired. Give it a try to make it easier until Dark Mode is implemented. I also set my screen adjustments to default.
  • +1 for dark mode for windows.
    Thank you.