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Hi all,

I have installed Quicken using the defaults, so everything is on my C: drive. I would like to change the location of the QDF, so that it is on my E: drive and would be backed up by my backup tool. Can I do this and if yes how does this get done?



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    Is the E: -drive a second internal hard drive? Or is it an external USB or networked drive?
    External or networked drives are not supported by Quicken.
    Cloud backup software should never directly access your active Quicken data file.

    Using Carbonite, OneDrive, Dropbox, or other cloud backup software as the Backup process

    (For this discussion, Carbonite is assumed to be the backup product in effect. Replace "Carbonite" with the name of your backup tool.
    It is also assumed that your Quicken data file is stored in the default (and recommended) location C:\Users\_your_username_here_\Documents\Quicken)

    IMHO, you should keep Carbonite (or any other third party backup product which you use) away from your live Quicken data file. It will interfere with some Quicken operations, especially Manual Backup.

    Instead, configure Carbonite to backup either of these files:
    - The backup file created by Quicken Automatic Backup
    - The backup file created by Quicken Manual Backup as you close Quicken.

    Backup settings in Quicken are stored in Edit / Preferences / Backup.

    If you choose the Automatic Backup file as Carbonite candidate (or even if you don't), activate this process and set it to execute every "1" times Quicken closes. The Automatic Backup file always goes to a \Backup folder that's part of the folder which contains your current Quicken data file, usually \Documents\Quicken\Backup

    If you choose the Manual Backup file as Carbonite candidate, create a separate
    \Quicken\Carbonite_Backup folder and direct the Manual Backups to go there every "1" times Quicken closes. Select the "Add date stamp to file name option" so you get multiple backups and not just one that is overwritten every time.

    For a belts and suspenders approach:

    Automatic Backups go to Carbonite, Manual Backups go to a USB stick or external hard drive.

    One can never have enough backups of your Quicken data file. BTDTGTS!


    Note: It's been brought to my attention that some versions of Quicken may not start the backup process upon close and/or Sync to Mobile if you close Quicken by any command other than clicking the (used to be red) "X". Using the other commands, Quicken may just simply wait for you to open a new file to resume.

  • The E: drive is a partition on an internal drive. My concern is that the QDF is on the C: drive, which if it fails I lose the QDF. I guess if I have Quicken backups then I should be ok. I am just used to moving live data files off the C: drive, since you do not want them taking up valuable OS space.
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    Hi @[email protected]  ,

    Hi Steve,

    No, you can't use a Backup Tool to Backup Quicken. Why? Because it is not restorable.

    Yes, you can move the Quicken Data File, using Quicken, to another internal partition in the Computer. How? Do a Manual Backup with Date to a location outside of the computer. Next, Restore the Manual Backup and choose to make a copy and browse to the New Location. And switch to, using the Data File, in the New location.

    For me, I have My Documents on its own partition and Quicken is within My Documents.
    I:\My Documents\Quicken 2019 Data

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    In that case it shouldn't really matter, as long as you configure both Quicken and your third party backup software to NOT directly access the active Quicken data file.  Let one of the Automatic or Manual backups created by Quicken be processed by the backup software after Quicken closes.
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    If the E Drive is a partition on the same hard drive as C then you will lose it too if the hd fails.
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