How do I create a Business Tag?

I have Quicken Home, Business & Rental Property 2019. My Tag List shows two Types of tags, "Property" and "Other". Every time I try to create a New Tag it only gives me the option to create an "Other" tag, not another "Property" tag and there's no option for creating "Business" tag. It would be helpful to have three types of tags, "Property", "Business" and "Other"

How do I assign a Type to a tag when creating it?

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  • intouchwithreality
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    I left something out of my previous post.

    To create a Property Tag, you need to create a Quicken Property and assign it a tag.

    Rental Property > Rent Center > Properties & Tenants > Add Property

    Quicken will require you to create a tag for the property.

    As to locating info in Quicken Help: sometimes it's useful to start from someplace other than the Help menu.

    In Tools > Tag List, you should see a small blue circle with a question mark in it, in the lower left, which is a Help icon (many dialogs have that same Help icon). Clicking that icon gets you to context sensitive help; in the Tag List, it should lead you to info about creating tags, including creating Business and Rental Property tags.

    When in Help, you should also look carefully for text in blue, which is a link to additional Help information,.


  • JrVarsity
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    Thank you intouchwithreality, I could not find that in the Help file.

    Thank you volvogirl. I will save this instruction and consult my tax advisro.
  • JrVarsity
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    Thanks for the follow up. I was able to figure out the Property Tag applying the same logic you provided for the Business Tag. Also appreciate the information about context sensitive help.

    This issue has also made me aware of how to do things in Quicken, some of which seems duplicative and counter-intuitive, but its just the way it works. For example, one rental property required establishing a mortgage, an asset, a checking account for my property management account, a rental property and a tag. I'm sure that I missed something that I'll figure out the next time I see my accountant or try to print a report.

    All of the above being said, Quicken seems better than a spreadsheet and the version I have may spare me the expense of also having to use QuickBooks. Thanks again for the assistance.
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