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Fidelity Not Downloading New Transactions

When I performed a one step update, my Fidelity account showed 2 tranactions for review. The online center showed the tranactions. However, when I go to the Fidelity account register it has 0 dowloaded transactions and nothing to review and accept. The new activity flag on the accounts list does not clear either. It worked great until recently. Any Ideas?


  • rtt_77388
    rtt_77388 Member ✭✭
    Thanks for your suggestion. I went through the steps from the link.
    -Automatic entry was already off. I toggled it on the off again.
    -In the online center, my corresponding button says compare to list. When I click on it, it take me back to the registry page. There was no options to accept the entries.
    - I followed the Validate/Repair instructions and no errors where found. Nether the copied file or the original gives me any options to review or accept the entries found in the online center.
  • rtt_77388
    rtt_77388 Member ✭✭
    Problem solved. Quicken support had me download a newer version of the program. But thanks for your excellent suggestions intouchwithreality.
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